BCube uses ADSL 2+ technology You can also contact any of the following 3 outsourcing partners for BTCL's BCube (ADSL) prompt connection service. ADSL 2+ Modem with single/ multiple LAN ports and/or wifi router is available in market and can also be purchased from outsourcing partners. Price may vary from Tk. 2000 to 8000. ......More Details

Band Connection/Leased Line connection BTCL have copper, optical fibre and microwave networks almost all over the country. BTCL also introduced Digital Data Network (DDN) service in the year 2000 to allow point to point domestic data connectivity & International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) termination inside Bangladesh. 64Kbps to 2Mbps data circuits are available through DDN nodes. Subscriber is connected through telephone cable (copper local loop DSL). Transmission backbone among exchanges consists of optical and microwave network. DDN service is available in 41 district headquarters through 71 nodes. Present capacity is more than 1000 high speed point to point leased line internet & corporate connectivity, 60% of which is in use.

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