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Chronological Development of Telecommunication in Subcontinent

Telecom History: Bangladesh perspective

1837: Samuel Morse invented Telegraph

1850: Electric Telegraph Line between Calcutta and Diamond Harbor by East India Company

1853: Telegraph branch under Posts and Telegraph Department, British India

1853: 4000 miles telegraph lines constructed in India

1855: Telegraph service opened to public in India

1858: India-Srilanka telegraph cable laid

1885: Telegraph Act

1886: Copper wire replacing iron wire

1895: Phonogram introduced in India

1902: Wireless Telegraphy started in India

1914: Postal and Telegraph departments merged in India

1933: Wireless Telegraphy Act

1444: Introduction of Hindi script

1962: Reconstructed as Pakistan Telegraph and Telephone Department

1971: Reconstructed as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Department under Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications after the liberation war

1975: Reconstructed as Telegraph and Telephone Board

1979: Reconstructed as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board (BTTB) with right to issue license for telecom and wireless services.

1981: Digital Telex Exchange in Bangladesh

1983: Automatic Digital ITX started in Dhaka

1985: Coinbox Telephone introduced in Bangladesh by BTTB

1989: GENTEX Telegraph messaging service introduced in Bangladesh

1989: Bangladesh Rural Telecom Authority got license to operate exchanges in 200 upzillas

1989: Sheba Telecom got license to operate exchange is 199 upzilla

1989: Cellular mobile phone company Pacific Bangladesh Telephone Limited and Bangladesh Telecom got license

1992: BTCL and Telephone Shilpa Sangstha launches magnetic cardphone service in the country (1400 units)

1995: Card Telephone service introduced in Bangladesh by BTTB and TSS

1995: Regulatory power of BTTB transferred to Ministry (MoPT)

1995: 2nd and 3rd ITX installed in Dhaka

1996: Grameen Phone got cellular mobile Telephone license

1998: Telecom Malaysia International Bangladesh got cellular mobile license

1998: Telecom Policy by Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

1999: 1130 units of chiptype cardphone installation begins in the country

2000: Global Telecom Service (GTS) Telex Exchange venture with British Telecom

2001: Telecommunication Act, to establish Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC)

2002: ICT Policy

2004: Licensing Procedure by BTRC

2004: Teletalk cellular mobile launched

2004: Interconnection Regulation by BTRC, Amendment: 2008

2004: BTRC (Licensing Procedure) Regulations, Amendment: 2009

2006: Telecommunication Act-2001 Amendment

2006: NGN (Next Generation Network) introduced in BTTB

2007: International Long Distance Telecommunication Services (ILDTS) Policy by BTRC

2008: Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone Board (BTTB) was converted into Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) on 01 July with 100 shares owned by Government and with 9 directors, headed by secretary of Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (01 July 2008)

2009: Magnetic Cardphone and Chiptype Cardphone service withdrawn

2009: BTTB ordinance-1979 Amendment (BTCL Act)

2009: National Broadband Policy by Ministry of Post and Telecommunications

2010: Telecommunication Act-2001 amendment

2010: ILDTS Policy

2010: SMS based Premium Rate Services guideline by BTRC

2010: Video Conferencing Guideline by BTRC

2011: Telecom Infrastructure Sharing guideline by BTRC

2012: License Fees of ISP, VSAT, Call Centre etc by BTRC

2013: BPO/Call Centre guideline by BTRC

2013: Mobile Financial Service instructions by BTRC and Bangladesh Bank

2014: (10/02/2014) Ministry of Post and Telecommunication and Ministry of Information and Communication Technology are integrated to Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

(Prepared by: Mamlukar_Rahman/DDT/BTCL/11march2014)





Pay-Phone: Coin Box / Cardphone

Analogue Exchanges: Magneto / Central-Battery (CB) / Electro-Mechanical-Device (EMD)

Digital: Exchanges

NEC (NEAX) / Ericsson (AXE) / Alcatel (E10) / Netus (DMS) / Italtel (LUT-Linea UT-4.100) / KT (Mercury DTS4000) /

ZTE (ZXJ) / Huawei (C&C08) / Golden-Dragon-Telecom-Technology (HJD) / Sanghai Bell (S-12)

Network: HF / VHF / Microwave / Satellite / Optical Fibre

WLL: Wireless Local Loop

Frame Relay



Phonetic Alphabet


Letter phonetic letter
A Alpha
B Bravo
C Charlie/ Canada
D Delta
E Echo
F Foxtrot/ Fox
G Golf
H Hotel
I India
J Juliet
K Kilo/ King
L Lima/ London/ Love
M Mike/ Mary/ Monkey
N November/ Nancy/ Nuts
O Oscar/ Orange
P Papa
Q Quebec/ Queen
R Romeo/ Radio
S Sierra/ Sugar
T Tango
U Uniform/ Union/ Uncle
V Victor/ Violet
W Whiskey
X X-ray
Y Yankee/ Yellow
Z Zulu/ Zebra